Bucharest in Romania

At the end of October I went for a weekend in Bucharest, Romania. This was the first time I had been abroad without a DSLR in many years and the first test of the the GF1 in a city environment.

Although I had never really been into street photography, this unobtrusive little camera with its flip up electronic viewfinder, lends itself well to this task and you soon find yourself taking pictures of people in the street and in restaurants without the subjects being too aware of it. Many people however, see you looking into the camera facing in a different direction to them, seem to suspect “isn’t that a lens pointing at me?” and end up with a slightly quizical look on their face.

shot with GF1 14-45mm at 1/2sec ISO400












~ by Bollingthirst on November 3, 2009.

One Response to “Bucharest in Romania”

  1. I’m biased, because I grew up in Bucharest, but I think the pictures are great! 🙂

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